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Today, access to your elected officials has never been more important, yet more inaccessible. Most lobbying firms charge as much as $15,000 as a minimum retainer, with the entire process reaching $50,000 per month or more for full advocacy services, with many of their “billed-for” activities remaining largely undefined.  Unlike the balance of the government affairs industry, however, Lobbyit is accountable to our clients each and every month. Below you will find our clearly-defined pricing tiers and the services included within each. While Lobbyit’s packaged tiers provide the greatest combined value, we do offer services a la carte depending on client needs, and you will find those listed out below as well.

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Tier I

Establishing a Presence

Tier 1 constitutes not only our firm’s foundation, but also showcases our unique business model. It pulls back the curtain from those Washington lobbyists who for far too long have made access to government expensive and inaccessible. Tier 1 is Washington’s first affordable option for federal representation. It incorporates a clear set of basic services to ensure that Congress is aware of your organization’s priorities and provides an excellent member benefit for smaller associations and organizations.

Tier II

Robust Tracking, Analysis & Relationship Building

Our second tier is perfect for clients operating in highly regulated or legislated arenas. If your organization has previously been affected by harmful federal actions, or you fear it may be in the future, this plan is for you. Tier 2 includes everything in Tier 1, as well as detailed regulatory and legislative analysis and tracking. When a bill or regulation is introduced, our firm immediately holds appropriate meetings to understand potential movement and repercussions. We then keep a close eye on any advancement or changes and continually provide updates with our ongoing analysis and recommendations.

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Tier III

Proactive Full Service Advocacy Efforts

Our Tier 3 offering is traditional representation at its core, at a fraction of the traditional price. This is the option for clients needing hands-on, direct advocacy, whether in the halls of Congress or in the Executive Branch. Tier 3 includes a broad range of proactive advocacy activities, and is the primary vehicle clients choose when seeking to promote or ward off legislative change, influence regulatory drafting, promulgation or enforcement, secure government funding, or simply establish a competitive advantage through some targeted element of public policy. Tier 3 includes all the steps necessary to make sure your cause is effectively promoted and your issue is resolved. Along the way, we will work closely with you to keep you informed of developments, define near- and long-term goals, and adapt and refine strategies as necessary and appropriate.

Tier IV

Making a Difference

Tier 4 is quite simply the most unique offering that currently exists in the government relations industry. Clients now have the ability to completely outsource their entire Government Relations operation. In addition to providing our complete suite of services from Tier 3, Tier 4 also includes a full grassroots component, an online advocacy hub, and 50-state legislative tracking. Our most inclusive offering was designed for clients looking to not only effect change at the Federal level, but to develop a broad, national advocacy presence across the country. Inclusive of all the services available in Tier 3, it arms the client with all the tools necessary to successfully promote their interests in Congress and the Executive Branch. By including additional services, however, Tier 4 provides clients with additional avenues of approach to lawmakers, and helps clients build a nation-wide, grassroots effort to create a breadth and depth of support which dramatically enhances a client’s advocacy position. The value of services in Tier 4 is simply unmatched by anything currently available in the lobbying space today.


Tier V

Comprehensive Nationwide Advocacy, Targeted Political Giving, & Social Media Overhaul

In the last decade, we have seen significant advances in communications technologies and platforms, significantly impacting the way that politicians interact with their constituencies, make decisions and work to be elected/re-elected. To take advantage of these changes, leverage these new tools and provide a truly comprehensive, wrap-around advocacy package, we created Tier 5.  Tier 5 adds Political Action Committee (PAC) setup and management, and a variety of “e-advocacy” services to all of the other elements included in Tiers 1-4.  In Tier 5, Lobbyit will set up a PAC for clients, and develop and execute a political giving strategy that maximizes the impact of our messaging and advocacy efforts.  Additionally, Tier 5 includes the development and implementation of a social media strategy, including the development of appropriate content, the selection of the appropriate platforms, and initiation and management of the social media messaging and advocacy effort.

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