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“Education Pursues Humans Acquire Knowledge, Learn And Develop Skills, And Assimilate Established Standards Of Conduct In Pursuit Of A Productive Society, A Society Free Of Economic Inequalities”

Dr. Carlos Calcador

Our Projects

Collaborative & Innovative

ASEA INC 2025 Schools (Coming Soon)

ASEAINC 2025, is registered in FL and we are committed to our Community by supporting sustainability education for all generations and by assisting entrepreneurs in developing sustainable operations. In addition, we want to spread positive social change through the education of our participants and our communities. To comply with this objective, we have developed 4 programs to address it:
•  ASEA OTC – focusing on teens and children
•  ASEA OMA – focusing on mature adults
•  ASEA SME – focusing on small/medium enterprises
•  ASEA R&D – focusing on research and development

Justice Call Foundation

ASEA INC is strongly committed to bring a social impact at Dominican Republic with the Justice Call Foundation. The primarily mission is to create work centers to offer the community different services to achieve well-being and create justice for children of low or no resources. The mission is to educate kids and youth spiritually and professionally to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Community Development

Through our Community Development, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at ASEA, and a source of much success for our Community. Interested of volunteering? Contact us now!

Internship Program

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Valued Partnerships

Puerto Rico/Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce


Jimenez Accounting Services

Accounting Firm

Techno Abuelos


Quantum Consulting Group

Consulting Firm

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