“Time to reach understanding of Social Impact!”

Today, more than ever, community leaders understand that improving the health and well-being of individuals and families means changing health-related behaviors—and that means addressing factors that influence those behaviors. Considering changing funding opportunities and increased competition for resources, communities need to ensure that they maintain the capacity to work in partnership to identify and address public health challenges, and that their resulting health initiatives can have lasting—that is, sustainable—impact. Sustainability is not just about funding. It’s about creating and building momentum to maintain community wide change by organizing and maximizing community assets and resources. It means institutionalizing policies and practices within communities and organizations. From the outset, sustainability requires an approach that emphasizes the development of a network of community practitioners who understand and can lead a Healthy Communities Movement. It also means involving a multiplicity of stakeholders who can develop long term buy-in and support throughout the community for your coalition’s efforts. These elements are crucial to ensuring lasting change and making a difference in people’s lives.

Source For Image: https://www.perpetualpc.com.au/sustainability/

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