Educate about Puerto Rico issues and sustainability phenomenons

"Residents of Guayama, home to Puerto Rico’s only coal-burning power plant for 15 years, have been diagnosed with cancer, heart and respiratory diseases that they fear are related to coal ash exposure. Ivette Feliciano reports on the concerns of Puerto Ricans who say the situation grew worse after Hurricane Maria--and the national implications as President Donald Trump’s administration rolls back regulations on the disposal of coal ash". Ivette Feliciano PBS News Apr 28, 2018 6:11 PM EDT

America Sustainability Educational Alliances (endorsed)

Dr. Carlos Calcador DBA MBA NIH-CPHRP Premiered Jul 31, 2019

ASEA staff will promote the development of self-sustaining businesses with effective business operations strategies. This allows, the development of employment opportunities while developing eco-friendly businesses. These organizations will be oriented toward safety (food safety and safety operations), and public health issues. One of the primary industries will be the foodservice industry. These objectives and outcomes will be reported in the foodservice industry who request our services or candidates to become entrepreneurs in the area of foodservice within the category of SME in the foodservice industry. Likewise, assist our target population who require consultative services, helping to improve the quality of life of the population promoting a positive social change.

America Sustainability Educational Alliances

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