About Us

Organization Dedicated to Promote and Reinforce Sustainability Practices Through Diverse Educational Programs

The human being is born unable to defend himself and their skills and abilities are limited. However, through research and education, the individual can ensure a better quality of life. The education emerges as a response to the social needs of all human beings and its purpose will never oppress, decrease or denature the individual. The educational purpose is to enlarge the capacity of the human being to become a productive person. Consequently, the education pursues that humans acquire knowledge, learn, develop skills, and assimilate established standards of conduct in pursuit of a productive society (Hale, 2005), a society free of economic inequalities. The education principles fight the economic inequality issues which are largely associated with welfare dependency and lack of physical, mental and economic health.  Therefore, America Sustainability Educational Alliance is dedicated to our community by supporting sustainability education for all generations and by assisting entrepreneurs in developing sustainable operations. 

The Problem

Sustainability is not just about achieving energy savings; it also relates to concepts such as social impact and socioeconomic. But to address sustainability matters, we encourage the support, involvement and commitment of our partners, leadership, organizations, and communities to strategize our future.   The general business problem is the social inequalities resulting from the lack of strategic vision and future sustainability planning. Therefore, a better understanding of the what, why, how we should envision a sustainable future should be address through the education of all generations.  The specific business problem is that some executives leaders have not addressed yet the implementation of sustainability measures.

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